Our story


The Yard Milkshake Bar was created by husband-and-wife team Logan and Chelsea Green. They both came from families of entrepreneurs and spent their early years working for their parents. Logan as an electrician and Chelsea at her parents convenience store. 

In 2011 Chelsea and her mother started their first ice cream shop, Island Ice Cream, that is still owned by Chelsea today. After years of working with ice cream and desserts they decided to open a second ice cream shop in 2017. 

Chelsea knew she wanted it to be like no other dessert place she had ever been to and decided that crazy specialty milkshakes is just what they were looking for. When brainstorming name ideas one night in their living room "The Yard" was born. They opened in May of 2017 and were blown away with the positive reaction of the community and tourist alike in their home town of Gulf Shores, AL. They have now expanded to Panama City Beach and hope to keep growing their business in the future!


The owners of the yard milkshake bar


The Yard is a casual milkshake bar: When you arrive, everyone grab a menu and china pen by the door. We have 3 menus for your to choose from:

Specialty Milkshakes  Menu- This menu has two sides, the build your own and specialty. 

Everything Else Menu- This menu includes regular milkshakes, bowls, cones, floats, WAFFLES, doughnuts and more.

Shake Boss Menu- This menu is for out half gallon Shake Boss Shake!

Mark your choices on your menu with your pen and place your order at the register, take your number and find a place to get comfortable.

Sit back and relax with your family and friends, your dessert will arrive very shortly after that!

To-Go Orders

You are welcome to take your milkshakes and other desserts with you (including the jars). But due to how busy our kitchen gets and how fast ice cream melts we do not take call ahead orders.

The Line

Our lines can get long in peak times and we thank you very much for your patience. We work as fast as we can and promise to get your dessert out in as little time as possible.


Everything made in our facility has the chance of coming in contact with peanuts, milk and gluten. We do have certain items that do not contain milk and gluten and those are marked on our menu. We suggest that anyone with a deadly allergy to peanuts, milk or gluten not to eat any of our desserts.